Hello Everyone! And Welcome To My Blog! 

The reason i created this blog is because of my passion for world issues and politics. I believe in diplomacy and working together for positive change in the world. This blog will contain usually controversial articles focusing on my opinion on world news and politics. I have a passion for debate and hope this blog instigates healthy conversation and peaceful resolutions. I do believe that the future is in our hands and we must act positively to allow the future generations of this world to live in peace and harmony. 

I am a Global citizen before all. The blog will be discussing issues that i feel should be scrutinized and i hope to trigger intense debate and conversation on the topics. I am passionate for public speaking, and making everybody’s voices to be heard. I believe it is time to act and time to change, and it is my hope that my blog inspires you to fight for what you believe in. 

Let’s never stop writing and discuss key topics that are shaping our generation each and every day.